Now you know how unique, safe and easy to wear the Unica masks are, here comes the festive version to brighten up your 2020 Christmas or New Year’s Eve: the Unica Christmas Masks!

They come in a deep night blue soft cotton, embroidered with shiny stars. Are you a copper, silver or gold kind of person, or a mix of all this? 

Order your masks now, we can send them to you or you can pick them up in our boutique/atelier in the heart of Brussels by appointment.

Let’s make the best of it!

Szaga met Masker.png

Our Story

It is better to choose one good quality piece instead of ten inferior items. Carine Lauwers, who has had a long career in fashion, started Unica a few years ago, a concept to make tailor-made clothes available to everyone. Unica stands for pure ‘slow fashion’ and this is the place where you should get your perfect Petite Robe Noir that will suit any occasion.

Carine shares this cosy workshop in the rue de Flandre with Nadine Serbruyns, a former lawyer who enthusiastically took up the art of upholstery and now refurbishes designer furniture in a very unique way. Small-scaled, handcrafted, exactly what I like!

Nica Broucke, former editor in chief at Elle België



Thursday-Saturday: 13:00-18:00

or by appointment


Vlaamse Steenweg 118 Rue de Flandre, 1000 Brussels

0477 70 55 73

Nadine Serbruyns Upholstery

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