Together, we co-create your dream dress



The Unica dress starts with a simple basic model. Easy to slip on and very versatile in shapes and sizes.

Then, we carefully adapt it to your body, your desired model, and all the possible variations that you like: the length, width, sleeves, neckline, zippers, buttons, and so on can all be added to meet your wishes.

When the dress fits, we pick a personal fabric just for you. I have several options in stock, we can go and look for the perfect print together or you can even bring something of your personal collection.

Ultimately, you go home with a unique handmade dress that is tailored to you, crafted with the utmost precision. Your Unica dress comes with a unique label and a lifelong guarantee on adjustments so that it will forever be exactly as you desire.




Give one of your loved ones a truly unique and original gift. A Unica voucher offers them the chance to experience the process of creating a dress specifically for them! It is great to give alone or in group, to someone who is about to celebrate a special occasion, birthday, graduation, or even a wedding day! Each voucher is handwritten and made out to that special person so they'll truly feel unique and appreciated.

Unica Voucher



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