Join a small group of motivated students in learning highly practical sewing and/or knitting skills.

With 30 more years of expertise in precise handmade techniques as a professional fashion designer and a teacher, Carine is well equipped to pass on her passion and knowledge. You will learn a broad range of techniques and practise in a very hands-on way on your own personal project how to put these techniques to use. Carine follows up with each student carefully to make sure you get the most out of each lesson.

"I highly enjoyed Carine's thoughtful lessons with attention to each individual student. In 5 weeks, we each saw our own skirt come to life with precise instructions from Carine and clear insight into all the basic practices. I can't wait for the next series!" - Leonoor


  • Private Sewing Lesson
    By appointment
    By appointment
    Unica, Vlaamsesteenweg 118, 1000 Brussel, België
    One-on-one lesson for beginners or advanced learners.